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The Evolt 360 has been deemed the “Uber of body composition.” Delivering data, and so much more dircetly to you and your clients.

EVOLT Insights


You’ll never run a challenge the same way again!
The powerful reporting features of Evolt Insights will allow you to:

  • Manage individual clients or groups
  • Run challenges easily and efficiently
  • Leaderboard clients by progress
  • Corporate data analytics overviews
  • Show the impact of corporate wellness programs, govt programs
  • Show collated data (e.g. muscle gained, fat loss)

EVOLT Insights


Evolt Insights allows you to see you BWI Rating:

BWI Rating - individual or group score. BWI is a unique score out of 10 that provides a simplistic measurement to quantify the integrity of lean tissue verses fat tissue. This one simple metric provides a more integrous overview of an individual’s health and wellness rather than the antiquated measure of BMI.

Keep your members motivated

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Unique lead generation

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Individualized macronutrient profile for clients

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We recommend the best practice as follows:

tickScan at the same time of the day

tickPreferably do not scan after training

tickKeep your hydration and food volume the same

tickDo not consume alcohol within 24-48 hours prior to your scan Preferably do not consume caffeine, pre-workouts, thermogenic (fat burners) or diuretics prior to scanning,

tickIf you are female, take note of when you are in your hormonal cycle for consistency of readings.

tickMax weight is 240kg or 529 lbs

tickIf you are female, take note of when you are in your hormonal cycle for consistency of readings.

tickMake sure your feet cover the silver tactile points of the Evolt 360 scanner.

tickEnsure you are rested and calm (ie. if you have rushed to get to your scan, give yourself enough time to allow your blood pressure to return to normal)

tickEnsure you have full contact with your fingers, palms and thumbs with the silver tactile points on the handles of the Evolt 360 scanner and remain still and silent throughout the scan process.

What is the Evolt 360?

The Evolt 360 Body Composition Analyser uses Bioimpedance technology, to provide your members with a full detailed report of their body composition metrics that fires results in real time to your smart phone. It is a quick, non-invasive measure that takes approximately 60 seconds. The Evolt 360 stands out above other methods of body composition by providing a user friendly tracking app with unique features such as a calorie and macronutrient calculator, supplement profiling and other healthy lifestyle questionnaires to assist in the user's goal and journey. This engaging platform allows members to stay motivated and engaged with your business unlike the antiquated method of printing a report.

How does the technology work?

Bioimpedance technology (BIA) uses a measure of impedance and reactance to measure tissue and has the ability to differentiate bone, muscle, water, subcutaneous fat mass and visceral fat mass, as well as provide other important measures. The Evolt 360 uses the five compartment model system which measures each limb separately to the torso, allowing a more detailed measure of body balance. BIA provides a safe, repeatable measure of body composition and is considered one of the more accurate and sustainable methods with a high correlation to DEXA when the scanning conditions are standardised. According to the peer reviewed, published research in science, the most accurate method of BIA requires the input of 5 factors which are age, height, weight, gender and impedance. Some BIA products only use 3 factors which don't correlate with the literature.

What does the report give my members?

The Evolt 360 report provides your members with a detailed analysis of their body composition, allowing them to manage and progress their goals using an evidence based approach. The problem with new members to gyms is their inability to have a clear picture of their starting point and with an ability to track their progress effectively. Using a mirror or scale alone doesn't provide the detail required to effectively manage a successful end-goal. The Evolt 360 Report provides the member with over 40 metrics about their body including lean body mass compared to their total fat mass and, more importantly, their visceral fat mass, as well as where they carry their muscle tissue and fat tissue. The Evolt 360 sets itself apart from other devices, providing the member with the unique ability to obtain their calorie and macronutrient profile based on their body composition metrics, their goals, body type, activity level and activity type. The Evolt 360 also has two unique overall measures which allows the member to view progression in quick overview of their Bio Wellness Index score and Bio Age.

What is the Evolt Active app?

The Evolt Active App is an intuitive, unique platform that allows the member to easily track and measure their progress as well as use the features unique to the Evolt 360 -

  • Tracking platform that allows the member to see their progress in easy to understand graphs
  • Education for members to explain their results in simplistic format.
  • Calorie & Macronutrient calculator to provide some guidance according to their goal, body type, activity level and activity type
  • Supplement & vitamin profile, providing some guidance according to their goal and lifestyle habits
  • Healthy Lifestyle score, a questionnaire providing them with an overall score based on their lifestyle habits
  • 3D Avatar, a unique capture using the app via your smart phone, allows the member to create a 3D avatar that will also measure progress.

What is the Evolt Active app?

The Evolt Insights Portal allows business owners to view their members progress, live. This is the first program that provide the following unique features for a business -

  • Automated Challenge Platform allowing you to manage and leaderboard challenges in a date range. No more hours with spreadsheets!
  • Automated Overall Data analytics in a date range. This allows you to use the Evolt 360 machine as a lead generator off site to corporate businesses or other outreach activations.
  • Download excel reports in a date range allowing you to manage member metrics
  • View and download previous scan results for members
  • Intuitive search functions allowing you to understand your member base better, via population metrics and body composition metrics. For example, you can download a report of everyone in your facility who is female, over the age of 30, who might have a body fat percentage over 30% to target them with specific training and nutrition programs to help keep them engaged.

The Evolt Insights Portal is constantly being updated with new features to enhance business outcomes.